Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows.1

Gothic Lancet Window
This week’s photo challenge post will probably be a two-parter, because I got so much inspiration today while walking through town. My first thought was to photograph some of the windows at St. Maarten’s Cathedral, the French-Gothic cathedral in the center of Utrecht. Pictured above is the north transept window, with the classic lancet shape and tracery. I liked this shot, in particularly, because of the beautifully colored tree leaves standing between the cathedral and the Domtoren (bell tower).

As I was standing there taking photos of the windows, I decided to also go inside and get a shot of the interior view of that same window. The stained glass isn’t obvious from the outside, but shows up more clearly on the inside.
Stained Glass

I thought I’d include the opening paragraph of the Dom Church’s Wikipedia page. I recommend clicking through and reading more about the cathedral’s long and storied history.

St. Martin’s Cathedral, Utrecht, or Dom Church (Dutch: Domkerk) was the cathedral of the diocese of Utrecht during the Middle Ages. Once the Netherland’s largest church, dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours, it is one of the country’s two pre-Reformation cathedrals, along with the cathedral in Middleburg, Province of Zeeland. It has been a Protestant church since 1580. The building is the one church in the Netherlands that closely resembles the classic Gothic style as developed in France. All other Gothic churches in the Netherlands belong to one of the many regional variants. Unlike most of its French predecessors, the Dom Church has only one tower, the 112 m (368 ft) high Dom Tower, which is the hallmark of the city.

Finally, here’s a photo of some more of the windows and Gothic decoration around the apse end of the cathedral, including the typical trefoil and quatrefoil tracery of the windows. Gothic architecture was my gateway into falling in love with architecture in general, so I particularly enjoy having a fascinating example of it within easy walking distance.
Gothic Windows

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