Misty Look

Through the Trees
We’ve had quite a bit of fog recently, and today is particularly foggy, and not just here in Utrecht. Much of the country is blanketed in heavy fog today, with some flights out of Schipol being cancelled because of it. I went out this afternoon to snap a few shots. Even later in the afternoon, the fog hasn’t burned off. If anything, it’s getting heavier. I do like the quiet stillness that comes with it, though. Best of all, it’s the perfect weather for a big pot of ewrtensoep (split pea soup), which is our dinner tonight.
Een Andere Straat in de Mist


Een Straat in de Mist

17 thoughts on “Misty Look

    • It’s pretty, but it’s getting a bit out of hand right now. Loooooong lines of traffic backed up, and flights out of Schipol are still delayed/being rescheduled. Fortunately, I don’t have to drive in it, and my boyfriend’s mother is simply scheduled to take a flight tomorrow instead.

  1. We just went out for a walk in it too. At one point we could not even see anything around us that told us we were in the middle of the city. It was like being in the country side.

    • The only part of the Stadsscouwburg that I could see yesterday was the red blinking lights that run along the top of the tallest part. If I didn’t know it was there, I’d not have seen it.

    • I do have some other color photos, but figured I’d stick with the b&w theme overall. I couldn’t resist that color photo, though, because you can only barely see the car headlights coming through. It really is thick and I’m glad I don’t have to drive in it. Scary stuff then!

  2. Whoa! I’ve never seen fog like that.
    These pictures are beautiful, Alison. I especially like the 2nd photo. Were it not for the cars, this could have been taken back in the 50s or sometime earlier. 🙂

    • The frustrating part is that those cars aren’t supposed to be there! They’ve redone that street and gotten rid of parking, but while the street isn’t finished, cars seemed to make the most of it and park there one last time.

  3. Beautiful photos, Alison! The atmosphere is so special… I can imagine all the problems that must arise from foggy weather like this, but it´s perfect for taking pictures!
    Your shots make me think of a Hitchcock movie or one of Ruiz Zafón´s novels… Well done.

    PS: I just left you a message asking for permission to use a couple of your photos. I´m just letting you know in case you read this first 😉

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog, and since I live in, and have loved, Utrecht for 8 years now, AND love photography, so I will keep coming back! Nice photos of the mist, I wasn’t in town when it was so misty, or else I would have tried to get a few atmospheric shots myself.

    • It’s always nice to find a fellow fan of Utrecht and photography. It’s a shame you missed the mist, but I suspect we’ll get a bit more before the winter is over.

  5. Greetings from Aledys blog! I saw your photos and wanted to see more. These are amazing, realyy beautiful!
    I had to visit Wiki and read more about Utrecht, very interesting. Now I have one place more on “my future travels” list! 🙂

    • Thanks for the lovely comment and for stopping by to see more! I’m slightly biases, but I really do think everyone should visit Utrecht, especially if they’re coming to the Netherlands anyway. It’s a beautiful city, full of history and beautiful sites, but without the same touristic commercialism that blights larger cities.

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