Foto Vrijdag: Birdy

This is a leftover from our misty weekend. This weekend we’re just looking at rain. Nowhere near as much fun! Maybe I’ll go ahead and put up my Christmas decorations this weekend. Or not. Technically, the tree isn’t supposed to go up in the Netherlands until after pakjesavond on 5 December, which is the end of the Sinterklaas celebrations. I suppose my plans will decide on motivation and the lure of a comfy sofa, warm fleece blankets, the occasional cat, and hot cups of coffee.

Whatever your weekend plans, I hope they’re enjoyable. Fijn weekend!

3 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag: Birdy

  1. DONE! I’ve read all your post. And I will keep coming back for more, as you really inspire me to do more with my passion for photography! My little fake tree will be up tomorrow, never mind de Sint, I want a tree with pretty lights! And plastic balls this year, because my cat likes to rip them off of the branches and use them as toys.

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