Naughty or Nice

So Embarrassed [Day 357/365]
I hope everyone has a nice pakjesavond tonight, although I suspect most people celebrated over the weekend. Still, today is the official celebration, so stock up on pepernoten, truffel kruidnoten and chocolate letters while they’re still available! I hope Sinterklaas is good to you. Pippo suspects he’ll end up in a sack and sent to Spain before the night is through. He figures he must have been bad to deserve this kind of embarrassment.

16 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice

    • He’s fortunate that I only do stuff like this to him once a year or so. I’m pretty sure his daily lifestyle more than makes up for a few moments of embarrassment. 😉

  1. We had a Sint (a real one) arrive at our house a day early on Sunday (yes It was easier that he came on the weekend) and to the surprise and delight of a Spanish speaking guest, Sint started talking to her in very fluent Spanish!
    He then switched to English for our German and Canadian guests and back to Dutch for the rest of us.
    He and the Piets had and excellent sense of humour and the smaller family members stood in awe and wonder.
    Pepernoten… Oh yes a perennial favourite (the amount of offer each year seemingly increases but strangely enough no matter how much is bought there are NEVER any leftovers!)
    That’s Pippo Piet in the photo of course… seriously cool!!!!

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