Christmas Tree Shopping

We bought a fake Christmas tree for the first time when we moved here, thinking it might be a bit easier in the long run, not knowing exactly when or how we would get rid of the tree at the end of the year. I miss the scent of the tree, but I don’t miss the mess.

However, if you are in Utrecht centrum and want a real tree to get you in the holiday mood, you can find them for sale each year at Janskerkhof. Usually starting around December 5 or 6 (in other words, after Sinterklaas), the trees go up behind Janskerk. From there, you see trees carried or biked home. I almost got clotheslined by a few people the other day as they were carrying one of the trees over to a bakfiets (a bicycle with a cart up front). Trying to dodge their tree and avoid the bike path immediately next to us made things a bit hairy for a moment! In other words, just a normal day!

Christmas Trees


9 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Shopping

  1. We bought ours at a groenteboer in our old neighbourhood – we always get it there, a real tree. The Gemeente arranges every year an actie by which kids pick up the trees from the neighbourhood and bring them all to a pre arranged spot and they get paid an x amount per tree. Is it the same in Utrecht?

    • There used to be another spot in town where a florist also sold some trees, but he got shut down last year for drug or arms dealing. 😉 I don’t think our gemeente does anything special like that, at least not here in the city center. I think there’s just one day when the garbage collection also picks up the trees. A shame, though. That actie sounds like a great idea.

  2. Aledys Ver, Are you in Den Haag? Because I know a custom specific to that city is that after christmas (I don’t know the exact date) chrsitmas trees are burned in big public bonfires. We don’t have that custom here in Utrecht though

    • No, I’m in Zwolle. I didn’t know about this tradtion to burn the Christmas trees… Here in Zwolle the Gemeente organises what they call, “Oude kerstboom brengt veel winst!” every year. Kids collect the trees door-to-door and bring them on the appointed day to different places around the city and get paid 20 cents or sth. like that, per tree.

  3. Jane and I (Natascha) got a real christmas tree at Tuincentrum Overvecht. We live in an apartment so the tree is not too wide or tall. But nothing beats the scent of a real christmas tree. In De Meern (gemeente Utrecht) the trees will be picked up in the first and second week of January. A few years ago we had a bonfire in De Meern but now all that empty space is gone and filled with houses. Too bad though because is was a huge and spectacular fire. Ah..memories….

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