Spot the Beesie

Hidden Humor
One of the frequent search terms people use that lead them to my blog is “beesie”. A beesie is one of the little toy thingies that the Albert Heijn grocery store was giving away during the World Cup period in 2010. The things showed up everywhere and we certainly had fun with them, using them as bracelets and hair ties, as well as home decorations. I still have a bowl full of them. Still, I’m always surprised when I find people still looking them up online. But then I see sights like this and think maybe it’s not so odd that people are still looking them up. After all, they’re still showing up in strange places, even after more than a year!
Hanging Out

5 thoughts on “Spot the Beesie

  1. aww poor little beessie’s. It looks like all the weather since then has made them lose their fibrant colours a bit. They do look worse for wear… I never heard about people still looking to get beessies now. Maybe they want to rescue the beessies from cruel treatment like being stuck to a street sign for 1 and a half year 😉

    • I’m just surprised that they’re still hanging on! Strong little things! I’m not sure why people keep looking for information about them, but I get people visiting my blog at least once a week after Googling the name. I figured I might as well give them some new pictures, at least!

  2. Maybe they keep popping up because lots of other people also still have bowls full of them and don’t know what to do with them? Or maybe their home planet has sent some more troops to see if Earth is ready for the Beessie take over… 🙂

    • I think they multiply in those bowls. It’s an unwitting breeding ground! My cats try to “kill” them, but with little success. They must be from outer space!

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