Sounds of NYE in Utrecht

As I’ve said before, New Year’s Eve is the big time for fireworks in the Netherlands. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only at night or at midnight. Officially, they can be set off between 10 pm and 2 am, but in reality, they started going off about 7 am today. They’ve been pretty consistent ever since. They’re also getting louder as the day goes on. We’ve had a few close ones that sounded like major explosions in the past couple of hours. Pippo is getting tenser by the hour.

Around 11:45 am, as the bells were ringing and the fireworks were exploding, I thought I’d record it to give you a hint of what it sounds like all day here today. All the cracks and bangs you hear in the background are fireworks. My camera isn’t the best for recording sound, but you get the idea, especially after the 45-second mark when it gets particularly consistent and especially at the one-minute mark. At the very end, you’ll see why we have a hard time fully enjoying the fireworks.

As the bangs and booms continue, we’ve got ragu cooking on the stove ready to be made into lasagne for our dinner tonight. It’s become a tradition for us. We’re having a quiet night in and hopefully we’ll be able to stay awake until midnight. I hope you have a fun, injury-free evening, whatever your plans!

9 thoughts on “Sounds of NYE in Utrecht

    • The lasagne was delicious, and we’ve got leftovers for today. Yum! The noise was crazy last night until about 3 a.m., so this morning’s peace is particularly nice! Happy New Year!

  1. Sigh, yeah, fireworks woke me up early this morning as well. I don’t mind the ubiquitous ‘rotjes’ firework, but I do get annoyed by the ‘strijker’ version, the much louder, powerful and illegal firework.

    And Invader_stu is talking about carbidschieten.

      • Gelukkig 2012, Cindy! I hope you had a fun evening and a great year. The cats were fine, as always, but Pippo was pure stress for about 9 hours, poor thing. It took most of my enjoyment out of the evening, because I was worried about him. Oh well, NYE was never a favorite holiday of mine.

  2. I live right around the corner from you. I know that street well and I agree, its been crazy all day. The litterally sound like bombs half of them. Apparently, 30% of fireworks over here are home made!

    • Gelukkig nieuwejaar, buurman! The bombs got a lot closer last night! It really does sound like a war zone. I’m enjoying this morning’s peace and quiet, though.

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