Gelukkig 2012

Bacchus, the God of Wine
We went for a walk today, as I like to do on the first of January when it’s quiet and there’s just the leftover remnants of the night’s celebrations. Usually, there’s the remains of the fireworks, although I think the city cleanup crew got there before I did, since the worst of it seemed to be gone already. Still, as we walked past Janskerkhof, I saw the perfect symbol. The fountain of Bacchus, empty, with an empty wine bottle sitting in his lap. I couldn’t resist this shot, of course!

Our New Year’s Eve was a bit of a bust in some senses. Our lasagne dinner was delicious as always, but we couldn’t fully get into the spirit of the evening because Pippo was a quivering, shaking mess for about nine hours. When you see your dog in such misery, it’s hard to feel like celebrating. We gave him some light anti-anxiety medicine, but next year he’s going to need a stronger dose. In fact, he was so tired today that he seemed quite content to stay home while G and I went for the walk around town. Since yesterday wasn’t such a great evening, we’re doing a New Year’s Eve 2.0 tonight. Instead of lasagne, we’re doing the traditional Southern (US) New Year’s Day meal of pork, greens (kale, in this case) and hoppin’ John (rice and black-eyed peas). But with some more sparkling wine to celebrate, and hopefully room for the oliebollen we never got around to eating last night! And I’m sure we’ll have an earlier bedtime! But at least we’ll all be happy and calm and can have a nicer start to 2012.

Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Happy New Year!

In the Lap of the God

13 thoughts on “Gelukkig 2012

  1. Alison:

    Love your photos, and interesting comments, look forward to reading A Flamingo in Utrecht. “Happy New Year to you all”.

  2. My poor dog spent the evening alternating between running to look out the window, and then running back to hide behind us. He finally ran into the bedroom and tried to hide behind the bed. The cat went under the covers. All day long when I’d try to take him outside, he’d find the closest patch of grass he could, do his business, and then sprint back to the door. Poor guy. I hope Pippo is back to being his usual self!

  3. Happy New Year Alison! You won a prize in Insego contest! Congratulation. I sent you a message via Insego system asking how do we deliver it? Would you contact me via insego or at insegonetwork [at]


  4. Happy New Year — I really enjoyed your photos and blog last year, and appreciate all the work you put into researching the various stories behind Utrecht landmarks and other subjects of your posts.

    I was sorry to read about Pippo’s lousy night — I saw an item in the paper last week about a couple of “vuurwerkvrije vakantieparken” offering respite for owners and dogs during the New Year’s weekend. They were booked up months in advance.

    How fun would that be, spend a few days in an oasis of calm with lots of darling, unstressed dogs to admire? Well done to the person who came up with this clever niche marketing.

    Of course, this country is so tiny, I admit I’m skeptical there’s anywhere you could go & truly be free from the boom!Boom!BOOM!

    It was actually really upsetting me last weekend, the ground-rattling bombs and endless repetition of rifle-like cracks. After a year of earthquakes, drone attacks and mass murders committed by lunatic gunmen, it felt more creepy and inappropriate than festive!

    I’m enjoying the quiet downtown at the moment, and I hope Pippo is, too.

  5. It was the perfect photo for the 1st of January!
    I’m sorry Pippo had such a bad time, poor thing. But then again, it’s just the one day in the year… (mostly).
    Happy New Year!!

  6. My dogs don’t mind the firecrackers but my Dad’s dog becomes a nervous wreck, too. The trembling and shaking can get pretty worrisome at times. I’m sure Pippo is sooo relieved that it’s over.

    (This is a little late but) Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

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