Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

One of my favorite spots is this little park area at the southern end of the old city center. I’m constantly drawn to it, pulled in by the appeal of what surrounds it: the Nieuwegracht and the ring canal, the old city wall, the towering trees, and most of all, by the Spoetnik Kijker (Sputnik Watcher). I’ve written about him before, and I’ve certainly photographed him numerous times, but he’s always a source of peaceful inspiration to me. I’ve been trying to get a shot of him during different seasons throughout the year. I took some photos this past December to try to capture some of the bare elegance of both the sculpture and the setting. I’m sure I’ll always return to him, with or without camera in hand. He really does make me feel peaceful and that little bit happier.



16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

  1. If he can be used as a reflector of the viewer’s own feelings then I don’t know what it say’s about me because to me he seems to be looking at something in the sky, puzzled and thinking, “What the hell is that?”

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