We got a nice bit of sneeuw (snow) on Friday, but today was the first chance I had to get out and enjoy any of it. It’s been bitterly cold, supposedly getting down to -18C yesterday, so it’s not like you’d want to spend hours outside anyway. Well, I suppose all of the ice skaters might be spending a fair bit of time, not to mention the kids sledding down anything even remotely resembling a hill. Anyway, I’ve got another busy week ahead of me, so no real time for proper blog posts. Instead, I think I’ll just post a picture a day of the snow photos I took today. Considering we’re looking at below freezing temps for much of the week, the snow itself might still be around all week!

5 thoughts on “Sneeuw!

  1. Hi! Nice photo, the snow is still looking nice and white, and not muddy and grey and nasty like it does often when it freezes, and then rains some, and then freezes, and everybody walks/rides over it and it becomes grey sludge.
    Want to meet up next week for some snow walking/photo trip in the city? And maybe some hot chocolate to warm up 🙂

  2. I have to admit. The snow took me by surprise. I mean it’s not really a surprise that it can still snow at this time of year. I just really was not expecting it any more after the winter we have had so far.

  3. It was just the one day of snow so far, but it’s still white out there despite the succession of very sunny days (I can’t believe it!) that we’ve been having. Very cold too. I, for one, am enjoying it.

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