Big and Small … and Ice

Groot en Klein ... en Ijs
I love these two contrasting buildings across the canal from the Stadsschouwburg. The smaller Breyerskamers to the right is one of my favorite buildings in town. You can also see how parts of the canal were freezing over, which is particularly notable, as these ring canals around the city don’t freeze as easily.

There has been talk these past few days about the possibility of the elfstedentocht finally happening again, but it’s still up in the air as not all of the regions are quite frozen enough. What is the elfstedentocht you ask? It’s an 11-city ice skating race covering about 200 kilometers. As it’s an outdoor race through the canals of 11 Frisian cities, it always depends on the weather. Despite some cold weather the past two years, it hasn’t been consistently iced enough to make it safe. The last time the race was held was 1997. Still, each winter, as soon as a cold snap hits, everyone starts wondering if the elfstedentocht will finally make a return.

5 thoughts on “Big and Small … and Ice

  1. I read the best elfstedentocht quote this week. I can’t find were it was again now but it was something like, “All someone has to do is open a fridge and the Dutch start talking about the elfstedentocht.”

  2. I’ll be the non-stereotypical Dutch girl here and say that I do not give one single fuck about the Elfstedentocht! (which doesn’t seem to be happening now anyway. :P) Actually, I don’t give one single fuck about ice skating competitions in general, they’re super boring. Doing the actual ice skating yourself is fun though!

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