A Hill Is A Hill

The small hill next to the Stadsschouwburg made a decent spot for some of the kids to make a go at sledding. It made me wish for a sled of my own to hitch Pippo to. He’s a snow dog at heart!

I’m always surprised by how many sleds I see as soon as the first snow hits the ground. The ground may be relatively flat here, but there’s just enough of an angle to have fun, it seems. You have to go elsewhere for a ski holiday, but if you want a bit of childish fun, the hills left over from the old city walls seems to do the job.


4 thoughts on “A Hill Is A Hill

  1. Indeed, a hill is a hill – for the kids is enough to have fun with their sleds. Here in my neighbourhood there are several construction sites and therefore lots of piles of sand that are now covered in snow, so they’ve turned into giant sled racing tracks for the kids around here.

    • Good timing on the construction, I guess! There are a couple of other places around here with (man-made) hills that I’m sure were very busy this weekend!

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