Fun with Frosting

I spent a fun day in Den Haag with the American Baking Company. You know it’s a good day when you get home and discover cinnamon bun frosting in your hair!

I really do like Den Haag and want to spend more time exploring the city. It’s got some really beautiful spots and a nice mix of old and new architecture.
Building Den Haag

4 thoughts on “Fun with Frosting

  1. My aunt used to live there, i’m sure it has changed a lot! I like the old architecture a lot more then the new stuff, it has character, the new buildings are a bit to sterile to me!

    • I like both old and new architecture, although I think newer buildings can be a bit hit or miss. I appreciate the mix of architectural styles in Den Haag and the sheer monumentality of some of the big buildings. There are some really lovely older buildings just a few streets away from these skyscrapers.

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