Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret


I regret not living closer to Den Haag where my friends run the American Baking Company. Their desserts are delicious! I got to enjoy some of them this past Saturday when I went to help them out with a project. They kindly sent me home with some freshly made cinnamon buns, a mini cupcake, and some Hello Dolly bars. Every bite was fantastic! I saw some of their other treats on offer at the Coffee Company in Den Haag and I regret not buying some red velvet cake and cheesecake to bring home with me!

So, if you’re in Den Haag or in Amsterdam on Sunday afternoons near the Sunday market, go look for American Baking Company. You won’t regret it!
Hellow Dolly

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

  1. I love the colours on the first batch of cupcakes but that second batch of what looks like a Moorish sort of pastry (in my head it’s Moorish!) looks delicious! I’ve never been to the American Baking Company, you’ve made me curious now! I will make sure to stop by when I go to A’dam or DH next time!

    • The second batch of treats are actually called Hello Dollys. They’ve got a cookie-ish crust, coconut, chocolate, and nuts. Delicious! ABC doesn’t have an official store, but they do sell their goods through the Coffee Company in Den Haag and they usually have a stall at the Sunday market in A’dam. They’re on Facebook, too, and usually post about where they’ll be for special markets.

    • Thanks! I was too busy scarfing down the cinnamon rolls to remember to take a photo! And then there’s the cheesecake, lemon bars, red velvet cake, carrot cake … 🙂

    • They tend to sell out of all of their baked goods fairly early at the markets. They’ve got all sorts of treats now, along with the cupcakes they started with. It all looks beautiful and tastes even better!

  2. Funny how Alydes Ver says the scond batch looks “Moorish”. Not a word we’d use, more “Middle Eastern” I think. But yes they do look like the pastries you’d find in Turkish or Moroccan bakeries 🙂

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