Gargoyles and Frothy Mixtures

This was going to be a Wordless Wednesday post, since my brain’s addled from this awful cold that won’t let go. And to be honest, if I weren’t so familiar with American politics, I might have thought this story was just a figment of my fevered brain. But no. Rick Santorum seems to think that the Dutch are going around euthanizing everyone, especially the elderly, to the point that elderly people are too afraid to go to the hospital and are wearing “Don’t Euthanize Me” bracelets. As bad as I’ve been feeling, maybe I should get one of those bracelets. Just in case!

Get real. As if I wasn’t sick already, this kind of story — and the fact that Santorum is being considered a viable candidate for US president — makes me truly sick. Anyone who would spout those kinds of ridiculous lies — who wouldn’t fact-check the story like crazy before mentioning it in a public forum — deserves no place anywhere near politics, much less the presidency. Santorum and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly need to get their facts straight and stop spouting lies like rain from a gargoyle. (See how I tied in today’s photo? 😉 )

Whatever your views on religion and politics, you’re entitled to them. But you are not entitled to lie.

Here’s a nice article that breaks down the facts, if there are any doubts.

15 thoughts on “Gargoyles and Frothy Mixtures

    • The worst part is that I think there are one or two slightly sane Republicans trying to run, but they get no attention from the media and don’t get invited to the debates, even when they’ve actually served as a state governor, for example. So it’s ridiculous that the only options people hear about are the ones who are seemingly insane.

  1. When I read Rick Santorum’s words I was FURIOUS. I’ve been ranting about it for a couple of days. And what makes me angrier, is the fact the American press didn’t feel this was truly worth reporting for quite a while. I read about it in the foreign press first.

    I’m just aghast that anyone would BELIEVE this story at all. Thanks for sharing the fact checker article, I’ll add it to my flist and spread the word.

    • I was relieved to see it finally get some attention in the US today. I was flabbergasted when I read about it initially, as well. As I said, it’s one thing to have your own personal opinion on the matter, but it’s unacceptable to outright lie, especially when you’re running for president!

  2. I’ve read similar crazy stories about the Dutch euthanasia policy on terminally sick babies as well, some time ago. There seems to be a lot of weird stuff going around in the US about euthanasia in this country… But the “don’t euthanize me” bracelet story takes the cake! Glad my poor granny didn’t know or she would indeed have been scared to go the see her GP 🙂 But seriously, it’s ridiculous that stories like this get released by politicians who clearly no clue what the facts actually are. If Wilders isn’t giving this country enough bad international press as it is, this isn’t helping…

    • If it helps any, Wilders rarely registers in the US news. But then the US likes to make up its own weird stories. Honestly, I’m sometimes surprised these idiots are even aware of the Netherlands enough to make up stories. But then, I guess NL is one of the more progressive countries — gay marriage, euthanasia — basically doing all of the things social conservatives are so afraid of. And the country hasn’t fallen apart! So let’s make up stories, because we can’t have people thinking any of these policies are actually good! The GOP has no problem with making up stories to suit their needs. Look at Iraq. 😉

    • I’ve wondered, as well, and I really do think it’s because they see some of these more progressive concepts being enacted and working, and it goes against their battle cry that it will be the end of civilization if gays can marry, etc. So they make stories up to distract and scare people.

  3. Just today I had a nursing student in my office. He wanted to do his paper on euthanasia, so we were comparing the concept of euthanasia with assisted suicide and how each differs (he wanted to pick one topic and look at how a nurse would participate in the action).

    I typed “nurses and assisted suicide” into the database search, and in the first 15 results, a good 10 of them were related to the Netherlands.

    It was a bit weird to see. But I haven’t heard of the bracelet story yet, nope!

    • One of my biggest frustrations with US politics is that candidates are allowed to get away with saying pure lies and they don’t get called on it. A few people may question them somewhere, but not enough to make a difference. Then those lies gain traction in people’s minds, and you end up with people who still think Obama is Muslim and was born in another country.

  4. As a candidate for the US presidency it would be quite wise to learn some facts, especially those who are your allies in many (military) campaigns. Though I must say, if someone like Santorum (God forbid!) does become Prez, it’s quite easy for the Dutch public to say “Well, screw you, we won’t support X plans you so desperately want us to participate in. Eigen schuld, dikke bult!”

    Any progressive action that becomes an item, all of a sudden NL is back on the map, only of course hugely distorted. Hmm, let’s see, years ago it was the sex ed one gets in school. Oh noes!! Clearly a Sodom & Gomorrah! Every Dutch teen and tween is clearly having sex after being educated!!111! Except facts have shown the NL have the lowest % of teen pregnancies, and that the first time usually is done safely, with both the pill and a condom. Whoops!

    Hmm, next legalised prostitution! OMG! Again! S&D! Hookers on every corner! Near schools! Only sadly, not really.

    What’s next? Euthanasia. They’re killing the old, the young and the ill against their will!!11!! Willy nilly killing!!11! Before you know it, even the handicapped and the gypsies, like those Nazi death camps!!1!

    Oh and the whole weed culture! See, again a S&D!

    Clearly we’re living in a modern Sodom & Gomorrah and it’s just a damned miracle this country still exists. Clearly with all its decrepit values we should have been the poster child of all things wrong. Facts? What are these facts you are speaking of?

  5. It’s all about the sound bite now for politicians everywhere. And despite the fact that everything they say now can be replayed over and over and have the potential to blow up in their faces later, they still have the gall to lie. The frustrating thing is their supporters often don’t bother to check the facts, so I guess for a lot of that politician’s supporters, the Netherlands is now that place in Europe where they kill their grannies when they get too weak. Oh boy.

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