Bullets, Bits, and Bobs

Daily Scenery

There have been a few stories of interest that I thought I’d share in a bullet format today, since they’re all short little bits.

  • The Utrechts Archief now has short videos in their archives and you can see some of them online. This one is from 1929 and shows a tram running straight through the Domtoren and turning into the area pictured above. It’s fun to see how much has changed, even in this very historic section.
  • Utrecht also finally got some recognition from the people at Lonely Planet. We came in at number six on their list of 10 of the World’s Unsung Places. I guess the Toerisme Utrecht people are doing their job!
  • Utrecht is also getting an International School this year, which will be a bonus for the children of people who come here for work with international companies.
  • Finally, in sad news, it was announced today that Prince Friso, the second eldest son of the queen, has suffered brain damage after being trapped in an avalanche earlier this week. At this point, they don’t truly expect him to ever regain consciousness. My thoughts go out to his wife, children, and family.

6 thoughts on “Bullets, Bits, and Bobs

    • Isn’t the film great?! Just by doing a search for Neude (I randomly picked one spot in town), I came across some great films and had a hard time deciding which one to go with.

  1. Love the film clip, I never really pictured the city that crowded in those days, with so many cars and the trams and pedestrians. It looks so modern somehow, with the tram zooming through the city centre like that. Precious that such early film material has survived this long and is being properly preserved by the archive.

    • It really was quite the bustling city center, wasn’t it! The city looks like a sleepy village now in comparison! It really is great getting to see these old films. I suspect I’ll be spending more time looking at old videos on their site. It’s great that they’re restoring/preserving them and making them available.

  2. I loved that film. It was a very busy town even back then, wasn’t it? All those bikes! At one point there’s a bike taking a turn that just makes it in time in front of the oncoming tram.

    The news of prins Friso are indeed very sad. I cannot imagine how the entire family must be feeling, especially his wife and the two girls.

  3. I love the green of the leaves in your pic!=)
    Abou the Utrecht calendar of events, I’d suggest Cafe Theatre, but I’ve seen you already addeed it! And in July there is Summer Darkness!
    The news about Pince Friso are very sad.

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