Tune In Tomorrow

I have a post about a small museum in town that I’ve been meaning to write since November, but I keep forgetting. Today, I got my photos loaded up to Flickr, but to be honest, I’m een beetje moe (a little tired) and don’t feel like working on the translation I’d need to do to give you the proper information. So instead, here’s a teaser of what’s to come. This photo of Droste Cacao, a popular Dutch cocoa powder, shows one of the exhibits at the museum. Plus, if I post this without any further info, it puts pressure on me to actually get the full post up this weekend, so you’re not left wondering. Think of today’s post as a cliffhanger!

16 thoughts on “Tune In Tomorrow

  1. I love those Droste tins, have a few myself, they’re easily found in charity shops or flea markets. Still don’t get why the woman looks like a nurse though, maybe because chocolate is good for you after all? 🙂

    • I want to get one of the tins, but I never seem to see them when I hit the charity shops. Someday I’ll get lucky! I thought the woman was a nun of some sort, but I forgot that European nurses were traditionally “sisters” of a sort. I’m sure that a good mug of hot cocoa probably was considered a health tonic once upon a time.

  2. That picture reminds me of my childhood! We used to have one of those cocoa tins when we lived in NL. Are you suffering from ‘voorjaarsmoeheid’? (spring tiredness). I don’t know whether that is a recognized condition but my mother used to talk about it. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for your blog. I always enjoy your postings.

    • I’m still recovering from the terrible cold I had, but I do seem to get sick around this time of year fairly often. I think voorjaarsmoeheid probably should be a recognized condition, when everyone gets worn out from the cold and lousy winter weather. I’m certainly looking forward to the warmer temperatures and sunshine and flowers! Thanks for the kind comments!

  3. Ah Droste! One of the few brands to give the Dutch language a word. I hope you write about “Droste-effect” too! (Oh I might have added another cliffhanger) 😉

  4. When the original Droste factory was still in use, you’d smell the burning of the cocoa beans in the air here. A weird, slightly bitter chocolate smell. Nowadays they’ve turned it into apartments etc, but they left the original Droste image on the main factory building.

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