Josephine’s Delights

Yesterday, a friend and I stopped by a new store on Twijnstraat called Josephine. I’d heard about them recently, particularly the fact that they sell macarons and other tasty treats. I follow various food blogs and websites and have been hearing about macarons for years now, but had yet to ever try one. This was my chance!
I went with the pink one toward the back, which was a strawberry flavour. They were lovely! Crisp outside and chewy soft inside! But the thing that particularly caught my interest — and made my tastebuds sing — was the salted caramel chocolate bullet. They come in a variety of flavours and I’m dying to try more now, because it seems that most of them have a core of the flavour, with the chocolate casing.
Chocolate Bullets

Yesterday was like a lead up, treat wise, for today, which is my birthday. To celebrate, I made a Boston Cream Pie Cake, which is yellow cake with a custard center, and a chocolate frosting. I can’t wait to try it!
Birthday Cake Under Construction


10 thoughts on “Josephine’s Delights

  1. Happy Birthday!

    The pictures are so very pretty and the sweets look delectable, but am I the only one concerned that these treats are out and about without any covering? In NYC unwrapped food must be behind glass; protected by what is known as a sneeze guard. I’m not a “germaphobe” but, those yummy treats look a little exposed and vulnerable. 😉

  2. Happy birthday, author of my fave Utrecht blog!

    There’s a cute little black & white kitty who divides her time between Josephine & Sector 30 next door, did you happen to see her?

    In more Twijn (my neighborhood) news: there’s a new pizza place at the other end (same side of the street as Josephine). It’s super pricy compared to a 3 euro frozen Dr. Oetker, but far better than anything I’ve ever had from a shoarma-pizza combo joint. Would love to hear what you & your Italian hubby think!

    Regarding sneeze guards: still not common practice here. You’d think we’d be dropping from all sorts of communicable diseases / getting roto & rhino viruses 24-7, but maybe it’s good for the immune system 😉

    That said, I’ve stopped going to Fishes in the Twijn for this reason; exposed choco bullets are one thing, but raw fish that close to runny-nosed inquisitive grabby children? NO.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes!

      We’ve got such a great pizza place just around the corner from us — Pinocchio — that it’s hard to imagine going anywhere else. Especially since we tend to get pizza on those lazy nights when we can’t be bothered to get groceries. 😉

      To be honest, the lack of sneeze guards doesn’t bother me. I’m not sure I really think about it. Especially when I consider that we buy our fish from the stalls at the Saturday market. I’m not dead yet! 🙂

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