Italian Ice Cream in Utrecht

Italini in Utrecht
I wanted to mention that there’s a new ijssalon that just opened in Utrecht. Italini Ijssalon, part of a franchise with locations around the country, opened at Nobelstraat 215 on 1 March. They’re offering free samples on Saturday and thought I’d pass along the information to anyone in town who might be interested. I think we’ll probably check it out. They’re open every day, including Sunday, from 12:00 to 22:00. It looks pretty inside, and hopefully the ice cream is just as tasty.

10 thoughts on “Italian Ice Cream in Utrecht

  1. Aren’t they opening a IJssalon at the Vismarkt 66 as well? There used to be a donner kebab at this address but it’s gone.

    • I don’t know about the Vismarkt location. I know the one on Nobelstraat used to be Koek & Chocolade. I was sad to see them close, but at least something else tasty has taken its place.

  2. Let’s see if they can keep up with the old Venezia shop quality wise! Another great call Alison… You sure know how to keep me addicted to your blog πŸ˜‰

    • There seem to be quite a few ijs places still around, with new ones coming. Is Venezia keeping its kraam on the Oudegracht? I know they had that last year after they closed the shop on Voorstraat. I think there’s another place opening on the corner of Biltstraat and Wittevrouwensingel. Could be real competition with this new one, since they’re so close, especially if even Venezia couldn’t keep going. We decided against going today, but will probably go one evening in the next few days, since I want to go back to the Pausdam to see the new Trajectum Lumen light display again.

      I’m so glad my blog can be of use and of interest to locals, as well!

    • I think they chose well! Cool logo! I’ll definitely have to add them to my list of ijs places to visit this summer. We’ve tried Italini a couple times now and they’re quite tasty. Their Puur Chocolade is lovely!

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