The Night Streets of Utrecht

Time Travel
Not much time for proper posts so far, but I thought I’d share these photos I took last week while enjoying the beauty of a clear night in the center of Utrecht. I love the area behind the cathedral (Achter de Dom), especially because it looks like it could be a street in a much older time. Particularly at night, it’s easy to forget what year it is as you walk down this timeless street. Well, it seems timeless, but I’m sure it’s changed a lot over the past 2000 or so years.

Anyway, I just liked the quiet, warm beauty of the scene, with the glow of the lamps and a few windows. Hopefully, you like it too. My plans for tomorrow evening include going to get some video of something I’d like to share with you all. I’ll also probably go try the new ice cream place since we didn’t make it over this weekend. I promise to report back!

Rustig Nacht


11 thoughts on “The Night Streets of Utrecht

  1. It looks Dickensian, the cobbled streets with those old streetlights. I always wanted to use that word “Dickensian” btw, and now I have 🙂

    • I think it’s the atmosphere that appealed to me, as well. Looking at them now, they seem dark and mysterious, but at the time, it struck me as warm and charming. I like how it can fit many moods.

  2. It’s true, it looks a bit Dickensian indeed. Very nice atmosphere. I also like that area behind the Dom. Never been there at night but even during the day, if you walk down that area it’s like stepping into a different place and time – the bustle is just a few metres away.

    • It’s wonderful with the gothic apse of the cathedral rising up and all the little doorways to the cathedral garden and other buildings. It’s one of my favourite streets, especially since it is so much calmer than its nearby surroundings.

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