Focus on the Positive

I’m in a lousy mood for no reason, so I’m trying to focus on the positives of this week.
First off was a lovely walk with Pippo last Sunday. While out and about, I saw this cool bit of graffiti.
Would You Like To Play A Game?

On Wednesday, I got to meet up with A Georgia Peach and catch up and just generally have a lovely time while sitting on the terras at the Vismarkt on the Oudegracht.
Drinks at the Vismarkt

On the way home, I picked up some more purple tulips to cheer things up. Gotta love getting four bunches for only €5!

And finally, to go along with the beautiful blue skies and spring weather, there were some really pretty cloud patterns this week.

10 thoughts on “Focus on the Positive

  1. Love the graffiti. I used to have one of those joypads back in the 70’s I think! They were a real nightmare to operate!

    I also wanted to get some tulips the other day from my local florist but apparently they are hard to get..well, in my area anyway. I wanted to paint them.

  2. The changing of the seasons will do that to you. Thanks for the reminder that we all really do need to focus on the positives.

    Thank the universe for holland and it’s flowers!

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