Eerste Paasdag

Signs of Spring
Vrolijk Pasen (Happy Easter) to those of you who celebrate. Here in the Netherlands, you get Eerste Paasdag (First Easter Day), which is today, and tomorrow is Tweede Paasdag (Second Easter Day). Since the weather is sunny but cool today, we decided to take a long walk around part of town and enjoy the sunshine before the rain returns. First we headed over to the Spoorweg Museum, so I could take a couple of photos, then we walked along the Maliebaan, a long, straight, picturesque, and historic street. Then, we decided to walk over to Wilhelmina Park, with the hope that it wouldn’t be too busy yet.

Just before you cross the roundabout to enter Wilhelmina Park, you will see this charming house. With the tree in bloom against the house, I couldn’t resist a photo. On the way back, we passed next to the house and I took the following shots. It’s wonderful seeing the tree in the first stages of blooming. It was a lovely way to start the day.

We had Pippo with us, of course, and after a long walk with an energetic dog, we’re all a bit tired. I’m glad dinner doesn’t require too much work tonight. An afternoon curled up on the sofa is a lovely way to pass the afternoon!

Vrolijk Pasen!

Spring Blooms