More Flamingos in Utrecht

Look What We Found!
Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling through my Twitter feed just now and saw a new story that said that flamingos were spotted in Utrecht. Did they mean me? Had someone noticed me while I was out on the grocery run today?

It seems they weren’t talking about this particular flamingo but two real ones! They were spotted in Hoograven today. According to the story, it seems they each have a ring, so they are most likely escaped flamingos, but it’s not clear yet who is missing a pair of pink birds. Check out the news story for some great photos of the two who made their own great escape.

8 thoughts on “More Flamingos in Utrecht

  1. The only place I can think of that these two might have come from is the Intratuin garden centre. They have a small indoor pond with some flamingos in it. Can’t see how they might have escaped though, maybe they had help from some flamingo on the outside Alison? 😉

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