Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Spoorweg Museum
Thinking about this week’s theme, I thought I would offer up the Spoorweg Museum, the Dutch National Railway Museum. It’s not just a museum; it used to be a working train station that was built in 1874.It was closed in 1939, but eventually reopened and was remodeled various times until it now looks much as it did in the 1800s.

Many people began and ended their journeys in this building, through this lovely entrance.


You can still take a short journey of your own on some of the working trains they have on display. There is now train service on an hourly basis, Tuesday through Sunday (and Monday during holiday periods), between the museum and the central train station.

Trains at the Spoorweg Museum



Perhaps not surprisingly, I’ve had Billy Bragg’s version of Train Train stuck in my head.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. It is a lovely buidling. I’ve never been to the Spoorweg museum but I’ve seen the signs directing towards it. Where is it located, is it far from the Domplein?
    Good choice for Museum Weekend – I am actually writing about the museums in Zwolle 🙂

    • I haven’t actually been inside yet. I just keep visiting the outside when I’m out on walks. It’s over by the Maliebaan at the southern end of the old city center. I’m planning on finally visiting sometime in the next week or so while my museumkaart is still valid, since it’s pricey to get in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be one of the participating museums for museum weekend. I might go see the Geldmuseum to take advantage of that this weekend. I did update my calendar of events with the museumweekend, though. Thanks for posting about it on Twitter!

  2. I’d love to go there some time, I love old trains. especially the big iron steam powered ones from the early 1900’s

    • I know they had one like that on display last year or at some point, but I’m not sure if it’s still on show, since they switch them out a lot, I guess. I’m looking forward to visiting!

  3. I have been there at christmas time and it was wonderful. A really great museum. In the center of station, they set up an ice skating rink. And they had oliebollen and pea soup too. A big bonus was that you are allowed to get on a lot of trains and explore. It was a fabulous visit and one I would recommend to anyone…of any age.

    • I’ve been meaning to go during the holidays to see the skating rink, but keep missing it. Maybe this year I’ll finally go. It sounds fantastic!

    • I got to visit the station museum properly yesterday and it was a lot of fun. Wonderful to see all the different styles of trains and so much more.

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