Friday the 13th

Two Cats That Pass In the Night
As often as I have my path crossed by black cats, I’m either cursed through about 13 reincarnations, or that old superstition might be a load of bunk. The only time it’s bad luck for me is when I don’t see one of them and trip over them!

If you’re the type to stay home on Friday the 13th, avoiding possible bad luck, at least there’s stuff going on this weekend to make up for a quiet Friday at home. This weekend is Museum Weekend all across the country. More than 500 museums will be hosting special events and lowering their entrance fees to just €1. We’re thinking of visiting the Geldmuseum or the Botanical Gardens, although after reading Aledys Ver’s post about the participating museums in Zwolle, I’m tempted to go there!

Don’t forget I’ve got an Utrecht Calendar of Events link up at the top of the page. You can see what else is coming up this month. There’s quite a bit of stuff to do in the next few weeks! In the meantime, stay safe, cuddle a black cat, and Happy Friday the 13th!
Symphony in Black