Utrecht’s Little Wooden House

Old and New
I’ve been trying to figure out some way to make a Drie Biggetjes (Three Little Pigs) reference for the title. We’ve got wood and we’ve got brick, so we’re just missing a straw house. I’ve been meaning to check out this wooden structure since I first came across an article about it on December 28, 2011. I’ve kept the tab of the article open since then. Yes, it is late April of the following year. I am an amazing procrastinator, especially if you knew just how close I live to this building. It’s not exactly a long trek to go see it.

This morning, though, I was in a mood, and decided that despite the rain, I was going to go see it. Pippo needed to go out anyway, so off we went.


You see, this wooden structure is actually at the end of the block of one of my favourite buildings in town, the Breyerskameren.That was the main reason I was so curious to see the structure, since I knew what an unexpected location it was. The Breyerskameren were built some time in the 17th century, whereas this wooden building was built just last year. It’s actually an extension of the building next to it, providing extra living space. While it may not “blend”, it’s still an interesting modern design and certainly no more unsightly than the garage space it incorporated, and nicer than the garage space that remains next to it.

It was designed by the local architectural firm, Urbanizer Aannemers & Architecten, and makes use of wood and zinc to create a clean but interesting design. If you go here, you can see photos of the upstairs interior, which is used for extra bedrooms and bathroom. I particularly like the windows and shutters. The downstairs is used as extra living space and was connected to the existing house.

Not only does the Gasthuisstraat have some lovely and interesting buildings, it has a great view of some other well-known Utrecht landmarks, such as the Stadsschouwburg on the left and the Domtoren in the middle distance. I think I might have to start working this area into my walks more often.

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