Utrecht on a Saturday Morning

We were up and out early this morning — to the point that we were home by 9:30am — but I snapped a few shots along the way and thought I’d share a few sights from our morning outing. As I mentioned previously, yesterday was Dodenherdenkingdag (Remembrance Day) here in the Netherlands, so it was no surprise to see the statue of Anne Frank that stands in Janskerkhof adorned with flowers. She usually has at least one bunch of flowers, especially on Saturdays, since she stands next to the flower market, but there were many more this particular morning.

Slagerij to Swatch

We were headed to the Saturday market at Vredenburg to pick up some fish and along the way I noticed this building. It was the old signage that particularly caught my eye. The building obviously used to be a butcher’s shop (slagerij) selling rund, kalfs en varkens (beef, veal and pork). Now it’s about to become a Swatch store.

3D Pop-Up Utrecht

Next to the Vredenburg market is the Hoog Catharijne, a gigantic mall. They recently opened up a pop-up expo featuring 3D photos of old Utrecht. The stores in the mall weren’t open yet, but it turned out that we could take advantage of the expo, since they had the “glasses” printed on the windows so you could peer through and see the photos. There’s a larger, full expo at the Utrechtse Archief, which I’d like to go see.
Utrecht in 3D

We also saw some guard dogs (the hondenbrigade) at Neude, where they’ve set up some strange buildings, but my photos didn’t turn out that well. Does anyone know what that hodgepodge of buildings in Neude is? It seems a bit early for the Festival a/d Werf.

10 thoughts on “Utrecht on a Saturday Morning

  1. That exhibition looks very interesting; I’ll start nagging and see if I can get a free ride next week to go see it. Will it still be there?
    It’s nice to see that people do not forget Anne Frank. I notice that now there’s more talk of “de dag van de vrijheid” instead of “Bevrijdingsdag”, I guess it’s more politically correct now that “we’re all friends”, as Basil Fawlty would say in Fawlty Towers πŸ™‚

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