Vote for Rietveld

Side View
LEGO is holding a vote for a great architectural icon to be considered for a LEGO build. The Rietveld-Schröder House is one of the buildings up the vote, so I hope you’ll cast your vote for my favourite Dutch architect. Voting is easy and requires no registration. Just go here and vote (it’s the middle building on the second row). It’s up against some much better-known buildings, so it would be nice to see it get some more votes.

Rain and work has kept me indoors and away from the blog, and now it seems I’ve missed my chance to get some better shots of the hodgepodge buildings in Neude that I mentioned last time. The three container buildings were made from materials found around different neighborhoods around the city. They’ve been hosting various activities this week, including DJs, drinks, and snacks. You can read more about Straat Lokaal here (in Dutch, but with photos).

Oh well, back to work!

10 thoughts on “Vote for Rietveld

    • I really am sorry I didn’t get to go back and look at it all more closely. They were setting up when I saw it Saturday morning, but I couldn’t get a close look. This week’s just gotten away from me.

  1. I voted this morning for this house. Right now I’m on my ‘work’ PC and I have 2 more votes. So that’s 4 for the Rietveld-Schröder House! 🙂

    Have you seen the one leading the race? Marina Bay is really shocking. I can’t imagine how anyone could vote for that thing!

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