Time Travel: Flora’s Hof

I haven’t done a Time Travel post in quite a while, and while this isn’t quite the same format as I’ve done in the past, it does include going back further in time. You see, I’ve been exploring a great website (and Facebook and Twitter account), Bouw van de Domtoren (building of the Domtoren). What they’re doing is rendering 3D images of the various stages of construction of the Domtoren, as well as what the general area looked like with the many buildings that once stood there.

One of the pictures that I saw today really blew me away. It was a rendering of the gate in the picture above, but with a view into the Bishop’s Palace that once stood there.

You see, the Bishop’s Palace is no more. That area is now a small garden with a palm tree! I knew about the Bishop’s Palace — Utrecht was a bishopric city — but I never knew what the buildings actually looked like. This is what the garden, now known as Flora’s Hof, looks like now.
Hidden Garden

Equally interesting is how close it all is to the Domtoren. You can see in the following photo just how close the gate is to the Domtoren, which is the massive structure running up the left of the photo.

I need to go back and do some proper translation and figure out some timelines to better understand all of the dates, but I thought I’d at least share the reconstruction and the website so that those who are interested can look through it all for themselves. It also reminds me that I need to read more about the Salvatorkerk that originally stood in the Domplein.

15 thoughts on “Time Travel: Flora’s Hof

  1. Thank you, very interesting! Will have to check out that website for sure, and I love the picture next to the Domtoren.

    • I’m glad others find it interesting, too. I was really amazed when I saw the rendering. It’s fascinating to look at the other images and figure out what has gone and what remains.

  2. That website sounds really interesting, thanks! I learnt about the bishopric in medieval times at uni, but to be honest I haven’t remebered everything that clearly 🙂

  3. I do seem to remember now that at one point in time bishops had their own private walkway at first-floor level, running from their quarters to the Dom church, so they wouldn’t have to mingle with the “common folk” on the streets. I think you can still see remnants of that walkway in the stones of the Dom walls.

  4. Well, this is definitely getting my attention. I knew the bishop’s palace had stood there at some point but I don’t know much of what happened to it or how Flora’s Hof came to be.
    Thanks for sharing this, Alison!

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  6. Just as I was wondering what the surrounding countryside of your windmill shots might have looked like before the city grew around it! I am not at all surprised you are having so much fun exploring that website and thank you so much for the extra view!

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