Shop Dog Revisited

Sweet Dreams
I’ve posted photos in the past of one of the bulldogs that spends his days at one of the furniture stores on Zadelstraat. Today, as we were heading over to Mariaplaats, we were lucky enough to see one of the other bulldogs. I couldn’t resist getting a few photos of this charmer asleep on his throne (or next to a throne), tongue sticking out to all the world. Look at that lovely face!

What a Face

Make Yourself Comfy


9 thoughts on “Shop Dog Revisited

  1. Lol! How adorable! Funny shot!
    That’s the store in U. where I once inadvertently and unwillingly “stole” a chair that happened to get hooked in my umbrella 🙂 (the kind of thing that only happens to me!)

    • Hee! I’m always getting sweaters hooked on cabinet pulls, stair rails, door handles, and anything else possible. I’m amazed I haven’t killed myself yet by getting caught on the stairs. 😉

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