Photo Op

Fiat 500
When I arrived at the Domplein yesterday, I was surprised to see this adorable Fiat 500 parked in the middle of the square. With all of the temporary stages under construction around the square, in preparation for the festivities later in the day, I wondered what role the car was to play.

After admiring the car for a bit, I wandered into the pandhof (the cloister gardens next to the cathedral) and was surprised once again to see a single red balloon attached to a bag sitting in the garden.
Red Balloon

All of these little mysteries soon were revealed when I spotted a woman in a white dress, holding a bouquet.

A newly married couple was taking advantage of the beautiful setting to have some wedding photos taken in the garden area. I’m sure it’s a popular location for wedding photos; it’s certainly not the first time I’ve seen a newly married couple in the area. The balloon belonged to the couple, as did the car. When I left much later, the couple and the car were both gone. Hopefully, they went on to have a wonderful celebration and a lifetime of happiness.

Bride and Groom

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