Hup Holland Hup

Utrecht en de EK
The country is turning orange as everyone prepares for the Netherlands’ first game of the Euro 2012 tournament against Denmark this evening. Houses have been decorated — in some cases, completely wrapped in orange — and whole neighbourhoods are now decked with orange bunting, banners and more. This orange madness is called oranjegekte, and as the team progresses, so will the mania. During the World Cup, there were orange wigs, face paint, lion costumes (the lion is the symbol of the team), and much more.

We’re ready for the game tonight with some bitterballen, Dutch cheese, and orange-coloured tompouce for dessert. We’ll also be decked out in our own orange clothing and other accessories to cheer the team on to victory. The best part is that even if the Dutch don’t go all the way, based on how things were four years ago during the same tournament, the festive spirit will continue. It looks to be a fun few weeks.

Café de Potdeksel

6 thoughts on “Hup Holland Hup

    • I love seeing orange everywhere. It’s a good think I love the colour! Hopefully they got their one bad game out of their system and will play amazingly well from now on. We live in hope. 😉

  1. i haven’t rally felt the oranjegekte this week 😦 I think people are spending less money now…Hope the crazyness will return before the next match!

    • It helps to live down the street from three bars. It’s hard to miss the oranjegekte then. 😀 Some of our neighbours were also hosting their own parties, so there were a lot of festivities on Saturday. The good mood seemed to continue, even with the loss.

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