The Big Utrecht T-shirt Competition

Utrecht Skyline
Has Utrecht inspired your creativity? If so, you may want to consider a new competition taking place that aims to find a winning T-shirt design that best represents Utrecht. The VVV Utrecht and Katoenfabriek are looking for the best t-shirt designs to be voted upon and then sold on

The competition highlights the creativity of Utrechters, while also continuing the idea of duurzaame (sustainable) textiles and printing. I told you sustainability has been a keyword around the city recently. If you want to participate, go to to read the rules and download the template. The designs are then loaded to a Facebook group where people will vote on what they think is the best design. The winner will receive their winning shirt at the opening of the new VVV Utrecht concept store, as well as receive a portion of profits from any shirts sold.

You’ve got until 20 September to enter, so get to sketching!

(My Utrecht-inspired painted cigar box is still available, by the way. Hit me up with your best offer, if you want. Don’t forget, the holidays are coming up!/shameless plug)

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