Caturday: The Hot Edition

Art Cats
The cats obviously don’t take after me, since they’ve been hanging out either outside on the terrace or upstairs in the their bedroom (also known as the guest room), both of which are very warm areas with the hot weather we’re having. When I went upstairs to take out the last load of laundry, I saw Luna and Lola hanging out just as you see them in the photo. Being at the top of the house, that room is particularly warm. By the time I’d taken just a couple of photos, I was already sweating. The cats just looked relaxed. Luna is the one in the foreground; Lola is the one in the back looking like an odalisque.

Lola Odalisque

She had also been fascinated by the sunlight earlier this morning, particularly as it glinted off the fan as it oscillated.

Lola on the Hunt

Other neighbour cats were enjoying the warm weather, as well, napping in all sorts of strange places, including the overturned seat of a set of stacked chairs on a balcony.
Koe Kat

Me? I’m staying downstairs, where it’s slightly cooler. I may be down here all night if I want a chance of sleeping. It’s already hit 32C, which is right around 90F.

6 thoughts on “Caturday: The Hot Edition

  1. Trust Lola and Luna to always bring a smile to my face. You know I always try to play a mini game whenever you post of a photo of one of them to guess which is which. I always get it wrong. I was sure Luna was sitting on the shelf. Anyway, I know what you mean about the heat, my study is right at the top of the house and has been like a sauna lately! Maybe I should get a fan…hmmm!

    • Admittedly, the first picture isn’t that clear, because my batteries were pretty much dead, so I only got a couple of photos before the camera died. However, as a general rule, Luna is the one with the long, slender legs and narrower head. Lola is the plush one with a shorter, stockier build. She’s also the one who always stretches her back legs out as she’s doing in these photos. But don’t worry, most people get them confused!

      The top of the house is nice in the winter, but miserable in the summer. I definitely think a fan would be a good idea!

      • I always thought Luna was the one with attitude and confidence and Lola is more relaxed and happy go lucky. Not sure where I got that idea from! Anyway good to know about the subtle difference. It will help with my guessing game. šŸ˜‰

        • That’s fairly accurate. Luna’s got the big mouth NY attitude, although she’s a bit more skittish. Lola is perhaps a bit “slower”, and she’s the one who is always hanging out with Pippo.

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