Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Houses in a Row
This photo was taken a few weeks ago on a vividly sunny Sunday morning. I loved the slight curve of the street and the mix of older and newer houses of different sizes, colours, and styles. And it’s not a Dutch photo without lots of bikes! Cars are being phased out of the city center more and more, so the few that you see there are some of the few that remain. Although to be honest, I’ve got lots of photos — this one included — that would be so much nicer without the cars in the shot!

Tasty Street

This is another Dutch urban scene taken last Saturday. We stopped at De Tafel Van 18 (pictured on the left) to try their cheesecake, since they were offering free samples that day. Very tasty, but I still crave a slice of the strawberry cheesecake that American Baking Company makes. On the plus side, ABC is going to be at the Veldzigt Bourgondia markt on Saturday (not far from Utrecht/Zeist) if you want to try their baked goods.

This is a pretty typical urban photo in the Netherlands. Lots of bikes, as well as awnings and umbrellas so that any shop that sells food can make the most of good weather and let their customers sit outdoors, and even a Chinese fast food place, Wok to Go.

Still, when it comes to the concept of “urban” my favourite photo I’ve taken is probably this old one of urban graffiti and urbane students:
Contrast [Day 236/365]

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. Nice photos, you really captured an average Dutch urban street, bikes and everything. I still love the older photo of the graffiti and the students, thats a great one. And learned a new word today: “awning” 🙂

    • The street photos on their own aren’t that interesting, but they did fit the theme fairly well, so it was a nice opportunity to focus on the simple attractiveness.

  2. Maybe the most impt item of the student photo is the umbrella – says so much about understatement, sub-statement (yikes!), of discretion-whilst-on-show – and of how to use the impromptu camera-shot to best effect.

    • I do think the umbrella really helps make the shot. Being able to shoot from above allowed me to make the most of the umbrella and the false sense of privacy it gives.

  3. It’s always fascinating to see how different the houses are. Especially considering they are all attached. I don’t think there are any two that look the same in that shot. Even the two on left have their differences. Nice photo.

    • It really is fun to see how different each house can be, yet present an overall unified look, simply by being attached. It’s fun to look back at old photos of streets and compare and see how the basic houses have changed over the years. Some are small differences, while others are quite drastic, although the foundations of the house remain.

  4. I think my favorite thing about your last photo is that you can’t see their faces, so you can imagine instead what they look like. I also like that you can’t see what the guy on the left is doing with his hand. Yawning? Grabbing for a cigarette? Yelling at a friend? We’ll never know. Love it.

    • The sense of anonymity is one of my favourite parts of this photo. All you really need to see are the fancy dress suits up against the graffiti. Everything else can be left up to the imagination. What doesn’t come across in the smaller versions is that both are holding a stemmed drinking glass. The one on the left is actually drinking from it, while the other holds his at his waist. It’s the fact that they wander along the brick street, in their fancy clothes, with a glass of something to keep them going, that visually appeals to me. This is why I can’t resist photographing them every single year.

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