Bicycle Parking in Utrecht

A few weeks ago, I posted about the “pop-up” bicycle parking that can be found at certain spots on the weekend. Now there’s going to be more designated bicycle parking around typically busy and popular spots. Beginning October 1, the gemeente (municipality) will begin a three-month trial of special bicycle parking. Designed to provide a safe and secure spot for short-term parking, the goal is to reduce the number of wildgeparkeerde (wild parked) bicycles that you see everywhere, while still encouraging people to bike, rather than drive, in the city.

The five test sites are located at:

  • Twijnstraat by the Albert Heijn
  • St. Jacobsstraat by Lange Koestraat
  • Oudegracht and Stadhuisbrug by Selexyz
  • Neude on the corner of Lange Jansstraat
  • Neude on the corner of Potterstraat

Speaking of bicycles, I was approached by Expatica a while back to participate in a blog contest they’re holding to culminate at their annual I Am Not A Tourist Expat Fair. We were to send in one of our favourite/most popular blogs. I decided to send in one I did about how difficult it is to make a forceful statement at the end of an argument when you have to bike away, rather than drive off. You can read the post again — and vote for me — at the official blog contest web page.

5 thoughts on “Bicycle Parking in Utrecht

  1. It sounds a little like something they did in Amsterdam a while ago where they had an area with all different styles of bike stands and people got to use them and vote on the one they liked the most. One even included a bike pump built in to it.

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