Garden Delights

It is a gorgeous day in Utrecht! The sky is pure blue, without a cloud in the sky, and the light is crisp and bright. Even the temperature was just cool enough and without much humidity to make it pleasant, even when it started to warm up.

We went out to enjoy the Open Monuments Day today, visiting various spots on Achter Sint Pieter and Lange Nieuwestraat. I’ll post more about individual spots this week, but for now, just a couple of photos of one of the lovely hidden gardens we saw. This one is by the Flatland Gallery, which currently has a documentary photograph exhibit, which I’ve got listed in the Events Calendar. We didn’t see the exhibit, but I may go back to see it another time. Instead, we simply enjoyed the little gardens; a quiet green oasis in the center of the city. To add to the charm of the setting, I noticed a pitcher full of sparkling water with slices of lime, ready to be poured into the waiting glasses. Some of these garden areas belong to people’s homes. What a lovely garden to have for yourself!

Drinks in the Garden

4 thoughts on “Garden Delights

    • That sounds like when a friend and I tried to find the Boboli Gardens in Florence. We wandered for hours, it seemed, and never did find them. (We also didn’t have a map.) This garden was a bit unnerving, because I wasn’t sure where the public area ended and the private areas began!

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