A Flamingo on Facebook

Patience of a Saint
And a flamingo on Pippo’s head …

In the process of trying to do something that didn’t work, I created a Facebook page for my blog. I like to keep my personal Facebook somewhat personal, but figured it could be handy to have a Facebook page for the blog as another way to interact with people and also pass along interesting links and stories as I find them, but don’t necessarily have time or interest to actually blog them.

So, feel free to “vind het leuk” on Facebook!


4 thoughts on “A Flamingo on Facebook

    • It seems to be temperamental. I’ve had trouble with it off and on today. Perhaps just try again or refresh if you get the error message. Or just look for A Flamingo in Utrecht on Facebook. Ah, the ease of modern technology. 😉

  1. I like the way Pippo does not seem bothered at all by the flamingo on his head (I just realized I’m not sure if Pippo is a girl or boy :s How terrible of me).

    I use the Facebook page for my blog in much the same way. It’s a good idea.

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