A Tree Disappears in Utrecht

End of an Era
Despite being buried under a pile of animals this morning, I couldn’t help but hear lots of sawing and grinding and other loud noises early in the morning. I thought it was the neighbours, who are having some work done to the house, but it doesn’t usually start that early. When I went out to take Pippo out, I discovered what all the noise was. It seems that Zocher Park is losing another tree.

The park lost one of its old trees a few months ago, and a few others have been cut down over the past year or two. It’s always sad to see them go, especially when they’re really big ones, as many of these have been. The tree today was a particularly big one and has left a big open whole. I shouldn’t be able to see that much of Biltstraat!

(I took this photo about four hours after the photo above, when the tree had been cut down completely.)
All Gone

The tree was diseased, so it had to go, but I’ll always remember the glorious autumn show it always put on, bright with colour, even on the greyest of days.

Autumnal Colors

14 thoughts on “A Tree Disappears in Utrecht

    • This is the corner of Lucasbolwerk and Wittevrouwenbrug. They’ve had some of the old trees marked with special signs. On the plus side, I read that they planted a new tree on Achter de Dom. Cycle of life, I guess!

  1. I love trees, and it’s always a bit sad to see an old one go… A lot of old trees in the centre are protected and often have little plaques on them like you said, with the name of the tree and the date it was planted. Some date back to the 17th century, so they are a kind of living heritage.

    • I love looking at the old photos and essentially recognizing trees. I think some of the trees on the Oudegracht are being cut because they’re dying or destroying the werf. At least they do seem to plant new trees quite often.

  2. What a pity they couldn’t hold out for one last autumn display…
    …oh well if it was sick then I suppose then there was nothing to be done, not good if it were so weak that a good storm could bring it down and it might have killed someone.
    Excellent to hear that a new tree has been planted!

    • The new tree is in another part of town. I hope we get some new trees to replace the ones that have come down in the park recently. They do seem to be good about planting new trees when they take them down, though.

  3. That makes me sad. That was an awesome tree. However if it was dieased it had to go, not for fera of it falling over but because it could infect other trees in the surrounding area, and since there are a LOT of other big trees near this one having this one cut down is very sad but also necessary. I’d rather lose one tree than all the lovely big trees that are there

    • I assume it was diseased somehow, and with all the other trees in the park, it certainly did have to go if that was the case. I’d hate to lose even more, especially from that corner. It was such a big tree, though, so it’s sad to think how long it must have been there. It just looked wrong without it there this morning.

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