Watery Amsterdam

I was in Amsterdam today for a potential job — keep your fingers crossed for me, please — and I snapped a few photos of some of the canals and river. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll finally do a real post. For now, lots of shiny water.




11 thoughts on “Watery Amsterdam

    • I wish I could find work here in Utrecht, of course, but at least if I get this job it’s in a fun area of A’dam. I certainly got lucky that the rain went away and there was just some nice light.

  1. I was there a couple of weeks ago to visit my in-laws. I cried when I had to leave to return to America. I always cry when I leave A’dam behind!! Best of luck to you with the job.

  2. Nice photos, I like Amsterdam but I love Utrecht more because it’s basically a pocket version of Amsterdam, but without all the touristy commercialism. But the Amsterdam canals are so gorgeous in the sunlight. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you get that job! Or in Dutch: ik zal voor je duimen (“I’ll thumb for you”)!

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