Sunday in Yellow

Autumn on the Oudegracht

Not much to say today. The weather has been chilly but nice here in Utrecht and the autumn colours are still going strong. Pippo and I went for a long walk this morning and I spent the afternoon making erwtensoep (split pea soup) for tonight’s dinner. The time change last night has thrown us all off, though. We all still woke early and now the afternoon is dragging. Pippo, who is a creature of habit and schedule, is seeming a bit discombobulated that we’re not keeping to schedule.

For all of you dealing with the possibility of Hurricane Sandy in the US, I hope you’re all safe and don’t get any damage or inconvenience. One thing I don’t miss is the threat of major storms. May your waters be as calm as the Oudegracht.

Paddling Down the Oudegracht

9 thoughts on “Sunday in Yellow

  1. Nice photo’s, I love the trees turning all so beautifully yellow and red in Autumn, especially along the Oudegracht and other canals. I always feel that the slightly pensive (is that the correct word here?) Autumn atmosphere matches the old city centre perfectly.

    • The colours do seem perfect for the city, especially along the Oudegracht and Nieuwegracht, although the Nieuwegracht also does snow quite well. But leaves are easier to get out and enjoy. 😉

  2. Beautiful pictures, thank you! And thank you for pointing out that the time change in Holland? took place this weekend, for us it’s not till next weekend.

  3. Lovely photo again. I like the way one side of the canal is still sort of green and the other is autumn yellow. As if some of the trees are trying to hang on to summer for dear life.

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