Bunnies Grow on Trees

Konijntje Boom
Last week it was free-range chickens; this week it’s bunnies growing on trees. There’s always something to make you pause in surprise!

Saturday, as we were walking along the Oudegracht, enjoying the misty but pleasant autumn weather, we were stopped in our tracks when we saw this tree. It’s not often that you see a tree draped in an assortment of fabric rabbit shapes.

Rabbit Tree

I have no idea who put them there or why. I did a quick Google search and came up with nothing, other than the fact that one other person posted a photo of them on Twitter back on 17 October, so they’ve been around for a while.

Perhaps they’re the new variation on guerilla knitting. Guerilla konijnen? Whether they serve a greater purpose or are just meant to give passers by a smile, I’m glad they’re there. They’re just one of the many reasons I’m thankful to live in such a fascinating and lovely city. (That’s my subtle way of saying Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans. We’ll be celebrating on Saturday, when I can get pecans for the all-important pecan pie.)
Blue Bunny

8 thoughts on “Bunnies Grow on Trees

  1. Did a quick Google search, nothing. I guess it’s someone’s own little art project. So guerilla konijnen after all. What will be next? 🙂

  2. Don’t you just want to find the wonderful person who put these here to make people smile and give them a hug?
    What a brilliant way to brighten up the gloomiest of day, with a splash of colour, touch of whimsy and a grin…

    Well done anonymous bunny decorator!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving for you… not something I know much about, but pecan pie sounds verrrry interesting… maybe you could post your recipe and results?

    • It really is such a charming way to brighten anyone’s day! How you can you be sad when you see colorful bunnies in a tree!

      I finally found some decently priced pecans, so I may well share the family pecan pie recipe, although it requires an ingredient that is pricey to buy here. I need to try to find alternatives.

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