Mapping Street Art

Building Art
Although technically street art is illegal, it has become an art form in itself, to the point that some people are now decorating their own buildings/homes intentionally in this urban art style. The building above is an example of this, I believe. It’s along the northern part of the Oudegracht, outside the city center, just north of the Weerdsluis. I’m pretty sure this building was decorated like this by choice, otherwise, there must have been an impressively large, speedy group doing this!

Of course, not all street art is commissioned, but that doesn’t stop some of it from being truly fantastic. While Banksy is probably the best known street artist these days, there are plenty of people doing thought-provoking and visually interesting pieces. AVRO, a Dutch public broadcasting group that puts a lot of focus on art and culture, is putting together a map of some of the great street art of the Netherlands. So far, only one piece from Utrecht seems to be on the list. Hopefully more will be added, though. I suppose I should send them some photos!

Toot Toot


7 thoughts on “Mapping Street Art

  1. I always like this kind of street art, the kind where they put in a real effort. This looks nice. It’s the kind where they are just writing their name for the sake of writing their name/tag in messy hand writing that I don’t like.

  2. But reallly it means “Are you out of your ever-lovin’ mind???”
    There are a lot of great Dutch sayings that make absolutely no sense when translated, which makes them truly funny.

    • Ah, thanks! I had the basic gist of it, but missed the real meaning behind it. I’ll have to remember that one. I like it! There was a tv commercial for Eneco when we first moved here that had a tour guide using the literal English translations for Dutch phrases, causing a lot of confusion for the tour attendees. Ah! Found it!

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