Lend a Helping Hand

Bus Stop View
I’ve been asking for people to leave comments for me or buy my calendar, but this time, I’m asking you to help out someone else if you can. On Twitter today, I saw a tweet about a former barman of one of the local cafés who is trying to make a documentary film. He’s got five days left to get the funding he needs for the project, and I thought I’d share the link in case anyone is interested and can help.

The website is in Dutch, as is the promo for the film, but there are English subtitles. The topic of the film — hunting — is an interesting one, in which Singeling (the film maker) explores the different perspectives between “city folk” and hunters and the idea of killing something that you also love.

I’m doing this in part, because I had a long and interesting conversation with Singeling one evening about a variety of topics. We mainly focused on local history and topics of interest, from discussions about mutual neighbours to the fact that one of the Napoleons used to be a “neighbour”, as well. That was how I learned that the university library in town is housed in what used to be the residence of Lodewijk (Louis) Napoleon.

Anyway, I figured I’d do my bit to help spread the word and make the most of social media to help someone who is creative, dedicated, and interesting. I wish him success with his project and hope he reaches his funding goals.


2 thoughts on “Lend a Helping Hand

  1. Another luminary of U was Martinus Nijhoff, major pre-War poet/writer. His newly republished long poem Awater is supposed to be set there. It follows an evenings’ amble through the town, ending up at the train station where the narrator suddenly jumps on the Orient Express. The O E did have a stopping place in U in the ’30s.

    • Thanks for sharing this info. I found the poem online in Dutch and look forward to practising my Dutch some more translating it. The bits that I have read appeal to me. I didn’t realize the OE once stopped here, although I shouldn’t be surprised, as Utrecht has been and still is a major train hub. Still, it’s wonderful to imagine the old train station with people waiting to board the OE, with or without a good murder. 😉

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