Searching for Holiday Spirit

The Oudegracht and the Stadhuisbrug shortly after Sinterklaas sailed through.

I’ve been trying to get into the holiday spirit, but even with the couple of days of snow we had this week, I just haven’t felt it. Thinking that if I didn’t get the tree up this weekend, I might not end up putting it up at all, I set to work cleaning the house and getting the tree and decorations down from storage. Much sneezing later, I set to work, with a glass of homemade eggnog and some GenX Christmas songs to try to help set the mood.

The tree is up and it’s nice to revisit the memories behind each ornament and have the glow of the lights add such much needed light as the daylight fades so early now. I’m still not sure I’m in the holiday mood, but I’ve got a Christmas and Advent philharmonic orchestra concert to look forward to next weekend, and probably a visit to the kerstmarkt in town, either at Janskerkhof or Twijnstraat, since they’ll be set up in both locations in the coming weeks. Hopefully, all of that will help get me in the holiday mood. If not, there’s always gluhwein and oliebollen!

7 thoughts on “Searching for Holiday Spirit

  1. What a lovely photo. It really evokes a cold, winter’s day — though, Christmas, not so much. Hopefully you will get some snow and get in the holiday mood a little more. I find it very difficult over here. Wearing my usual, standard uniform of t-shirts and shorts is not exactly conducive to feeling Christmas-y….

    • I have memories of wearing a sundress on Christmas morning, with the fire roaring and the front door open in order to cool things off. The joys of Christmas in Florida. So you have my sympathy! Sinterklaas, rather than Thanksgiving, is my new holiday season kick-off event, and that day in the photo was actually quite charming. Still, a bit more snow would always be nice!

  2. My immediate reaction on seeing this photo was ‘oh this is so Dutch’. We’ll be spending Christmas back in the US and while I’ll be glad to have my family together, part of me will be missing a Dutch Christmas. Story of our lives, missing something else…

  3. I find that I get much more into the mood then I used to. I guess it is because December is so full now with Sinterklaas celebrations with my family-in-law and Christmas celebrations with my parents. Plus, it being the first Sinterklaas/Christmas as a Dad makes a huge difference.

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