Even the Santas Are Tall

Santa Hats
We went for a wander through the kerstmarkt on Twijnstraat today and had a festive time. The market was even bigger this year and there were some really lovely items, as well as lots of tasty food and drink. We had our first gluhwein of the season, sipped after heading down one of the narrow alleys down to the Oudegracht. It’s always a nice break midway from the crowds!

From the very beginning of the market, there were people giving out free Santa hats. I got one, which came in handy at times since it was misting with rain. One of the people giving out the hats was the giant Santa on stilts. Or is he just particularly tall and skinny? Here in the Netherlands, it’s hard to tell sometimes!

Dutch Saint Nick
However, there was also a more traditionally sized Santa on hand, and kids could sit on his lap and have their picture taken (by their parents). There was even a Mrs. Claus, as it turns out, although I didn’t see her until later and didn’t get a photo.

The market is taking place again next weekend, so be sure to check it out if you can make it into town. I think there will also be a market at Janskerkhof. They were there yesterday, in small numbers, but there was no market there today.

Also, if you’re in the Den Haag area and want to order some Christmas baked goods this season, don’t forget my dear friends over at American Baking Company! They’ve even made a little video to wish you all a happy holiday season.

3 thoughts on “Even the Santas Are Tall

  1. It seems odd that, days after St Nicholas has been seen off to Spain, Santa Claus has shown up. When I was a child in the Netherlands, now 60+ years ago, Santa Claus was unknown. I doubt his arrival owes anything to North America. Very probably the retailers were eager to introduce yet one more occasion on which people could be cajoled into buying stuff. And with the decline of faith, Christmas is in decline as a religious holiday, yet the Saturnalia still have to be celebrated. I’ve read that some smaller communities have tried to ban Santa Claus. That’s a rearguard action, I suspect.

    • I feel like I’ve seen and heard more of Santa this year than in previous years. It doesn’t seem too commercial yet, and hopefully it will stay that way. I think it will take a lot to top Sinterklaas here. 🙂

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