An Evening Look at Utrecht


Yesterday evening — or more appropriate, yesterday afternoon — we took a walk through part of the city to see some of the holiday lights. As has been the case for weeks now, it drizzled off and on throughout our walk, but that didn’t stop me from taking a few quick snaps. The streets were relatively quiet, as the day is officially a holiday here and many of the shops remained closed. This post is just a chance to share some of the photos I took so you can see what Utrecht looks like during the holiday season. Damp but festively lit!

5:20 PM
The Domtoren as seen from next to the Buurkerk (now home to the Speelklok Museum). You can see that it was 5:20 pm when I took this photo.

The Oudegracht, with blue lights that are part of the Trajectum Lumen art light installation. The Stadhuis, in the background, is usually lit, but the lights didn’t come on until later.

Domstraat Lights
The lights of Domstraat, heading toward the cathedral.

Two of the handful of Christmas trees throughout the city. These stand across from Janskerkhof.

Under the Domtoren
A view through the archway of the Domtoren, looking toward the lights of the Oudegracht and Zadelstraat.

16 thoughts on “An Evening Look at Utrecht

  1. They put up the fairy lights in the trees along the Oudegracht relatively late this year, I was a bit worried they would skip that tradition altogether but luckily they finally put them up. I love Utrecht with the Christmas lights! Like the last photo particularly, the way the arch of the Dom is lit. Happy holidays!

    • I think somehow I’ve missed the fairy lights in the trees in past years. This was the first year I remember seeing them. I really love them, so I’m glad to hear it’s a regular thing. The ones down by Mariaplaats are pretty, too.

    • Our “tweede kerstdag” is much more quiet and low-key than Boxing Day. Most stores, and many restaurants, remain closed that day. Plus it was only 5:30 pm so the evening crowds hadn’t emerged yet.

    • I do enjoy the quiet streets during the holidays and early on Sunday mornings. It’s a nice chance to soak in the scenery without getting in the way (or having others get in your way).

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