Caturday: The Postal Edition

Hanging Out
While out on one of our walks recently, we spotted this cat on our way home. Just sitting in the window isn’t enough for this kitty. Her owners crack the window for her to get out and properly sun herself (in theory, if it wasn’t constantly spritzing with rain). She’s got a great spot on top of the collected mailboxes for the building. I guess the people there can blame the cat if a certain piece of mail goes missing! I wonder if this cat has the same reputation as dogs when it comes to mail deliverers.

Mail Cat

You’ll notice the area on the wall that says “(b)rieven”. Brieven is the Dutch for letters/mail and that is the slot where the mail was originally delivered. Once the building was split up and the new boxes became available, the slot was closed up and now the mail is divided up among the individual boxes. Not as pretty, but most likely more efficient. Certainly more fun for the cat!
Cat Mail

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