Sun vs Clouds

sun vs clouds

Sorry for the blog silence this week. I’ve been a bit caught up in some other work and just couldn’t bear to try to wrangle any more words. I did head out today to get some more gargoyle photos and couldn’t resist a few cloud photos, as well. It wasn’t quite as dark as the photo makes it out to be, but there was some impressive cloud coverage battling with the sun that was making a valiant effort to break through. The clouds won, but the show the two put on was worth seeing. Of course, I have a fondness for a nice natural silhouette like this. Hopefully, you do too!

sun vs clouds

6 thoughts on “Sun vs Clouds

  1. Beautiful pictures, but what a pity for you that the clouds won! I’m just 50km to the south and we’ve had blue skies all afternoon. Haven’t seen this much sun in weeks. Needless to say I was on my bicycle filming all afternoon. Struggling with the long shadows but loving every minute of it. Hope you get some sun soon too!

  2. Sun! There was sun! Gasp! And it wasn’t completely dark until well after 4!

    I’m probably most pleased about the latter, nothing better when longer days are slowly but surely more noticeable.

    • The approach of the long days is what keeps me going. With the glorious sunshine we had today (blue skies!), it’s a nice reminder that the days actually are starting to get a little bit longer.

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