Pandhof Gargoyles: The Beginning

Gargoyle 4
My photography project of taking photos of all of the gargoyles on various parts of the Domkerk continues. Without a tripod for my camera, I thought I’d move into the Pandhof, the cloistered garden area next to the cathedral, since most of those gargoyles are a bit lower and easier to shoot. I’m still hoping to get a tripod at some point, since the extra stability will come in useful for the higher-up gargoyles, but there are plenty of creatures in the Pandhof to keep me going until I do get a tripod.

I continue to be fascinated by all the little details that make up these fabulous grotesques. Each one is unique, like a demented snowflake. This first fellow is pretty scary with his cloven feet, pugnacious nose, and big snarling mouth.

The next fellow is some strange hybrid of snail and Gary Busey.
Gargoyle 6

Gargoyle 6

This next one I think of as a Babushka Gryffin. I love the little head scarf.
Gargoyle 5

Gargoyle 5

And finally, we have the one I got today, which is just inside the back entrance to the Pandhof. I like to think of him as my Billy Goat Gruff.
Gargoyle 7

Gargoyle 7

Gargoyle 7

14 thoughts on “Pandhof Gargoyles: The Beginning

  1. Wonderful photos, Alison. I’d give you my tripod, which I haven’t used in years, but I fear it would cost too much to ship it from Toronto to Utrecht.

    • I should be able to find one here that isn’t too costly — certainly less than international shipping these days — but I certainly appreciate the sentiment.

  2. How cute to give those little monsters names! Babushka gryffin is my favorite, with his (her? are there female gargoyles?) little head scarf 🙂 Btw maybe Markptlaats is a good place to look for an affordable second hand tripod?

    • For now, I’m just numbering them as I go, but I’m sure they’ll all be getting names of some sort by the time I’m through! So far they do all seem male to me, but who knows, there may be a female yet. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder about Marktplaats. I’ll definitely have a look there, as well.

  3. I’m re-watching that series Pillars of the Earth btw, just saw the episode where one of the main characters is carving the gargoyles needed for the new cathedral 🙂

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